Taline Temizian


The film PAVILIONS OF MEMORY is a physical reflection that represents the Neural Cinema in the brain of the artist. It has actual FMRI-s of her brain, Timers (To record each still and input interaction forming a particular collage of a memory with the audience in a given time and space). And a collage of sound pieces including the important track “NIGHTWATCH” written and recorded by the artist and Dave Randall for this project. This film transforms into a generative film that changes over time through an interface programmed into the installation.

About Pavilions of Memory & The Brain Project:

“The art practice of Taline Temizian combines live feed imagery and pre-recorded modifiable imagery with works in traditional disciplines such as painting and sculpture which she infuses into multi-mediumal constellations on an architectural dimension. Her works are situational, i.e., dependent and activated through and by the concrete movement of the viewer in time and space, but at the same time they are also confessional and personal, the outcome of processing biographical source materials. Temizian’s works are phenomenological as well as representational, juxtaposing experiential with pictorial entities.

In her work Temizian parallels between technological mechanisms and psychophysical mechanisms. She is elaborating on the physical implications of circulating technologically modifiable imagery through and between communication networks and representation systems. Temizian relies on art-historical contexts and on scientific discourses. More than objects or painterly/sculptural installations, her works can be considered a sort of habitats, living areas which make no distinction between the animate and the inanimate, the virtual and the material, the living and the dead. In addition, Temizian’s art practice transcends and blurs the difference between ‘here and now’ and ‘there and then’, creating an altered zone that intermixes a variety of times, places and forms of being, into an indeterminate heterogenous state of things.”

Collaborative project with Neuroscientist Dr. Beatrice De Gelder.

Steel sculpture , two individual mixed media paintings (100cm diameter circular Belgian canvas on board and 60x40cm mixed media on latex , two perspex structures one round and the other layered multiple pieces , monitor unit with the coded computer and built complete machine and webcam, sound-system


Writer & Director: Taline Temizian
Producer: GLUON & BOZAR Lab

Image Credit:
Montreal – Canada
Represented by GLUON & BOZAR